Tomorrow will be kinder.

"Athelstan is a free man...."


I can only form one clear thought.

for neither can live while the other survives;


season three a


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i crash and i break down | (a reyna fanmix)

for reyna, a girl running a city by herself, the girl who is more vulnerable than she seems, the talented stateswoman with an unbreakable will. 

i. human - christina perri | ii. elastic heart – sia feat. the weekend and diplo | iii. head is not my home – ms mr | iv. everybody wants to rule the world – lorde | v. ballad of a politician – regina spektor | vi. daniel in the den – bastille | vii. broken crown  – mumford and sons | viii. hardest of hearts– florence + the machine

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moving/moved to oilverwood :-)

moving/moved to oilverwood :-)